Friday, June 1, 2012


Special treat today, for all of you eager to see what the hell this contraption looks like.  I sketched out a simple hand-drawn diagram.

As you can see, I'm no artist, but hopefully you get the idea.  There are four pieces, a base on which the spores settle, and then three attached pieces which when added to the base create a shear flume.  Water builds up in the gravity flume, creating pressure.  The water then transfers through the holding box, whose purpose is to connect the vertical 2" pipe to a thin narrow shear channel.  The cover fits over the base, creating a thin narrow opening through which water flows to create shear.

I've now ordered the raw materials to construct each of these components.  Yay! Turns out custom-cut glass isn't so hard to find on the internets, even found a place in Washington to supply the glass pieces, so it shouldn't take them too long to ship to Friday Harbor.

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