Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome backers!

If you got here, you must have backed my project, Mystery of the Tiny Algal Spore on Petridish.  Thanks so much for the support!  Through my project, I will post updates to the blog, so to follow along, I'd suggest subscribing to or bookmarking this blog.  For the first couple posts, I'll update on Petridish when I post here, but eventually I'll just post here.

A quick preview of the schedule: I will be spending the next month or so buying supplies and building prototypes for this summer.  Then on June 5th, I will fly to Seattle, where I'll catch a bus to a ferry and head to the beautiful San Juan Island for a month.  There, I will work in Dr. Emily Carrington's lab at Friday Harbor Laboratory to do the project I described on Petridish.  Finally, I will leave the island on July 31st and fly back to California, with hopefully a completed project

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