Petridish Expense Page

Total received from backers through Petridish: $1827.80.

Research Equipment Expenses:
$490.99 Two portable microscopes with extra 2x and 5x objectives.
$126.27 McMaster Order 1 (all flume components except glass sheets)
$48.93 Arduinos (2)
$112.31 Sparkfun order, includes step motor, step motor driver, switched, and arduino accessories
$130.44 Custom cut glass sheets from
$ 64  Two webcams from RadioShack
$120.22 McMaster Order 2 (new connector box and carriage components)
$21.32 McMaster Order 3 (small parts forgotten in order 2)
$44.19 Amazon order for Arduino LCD shield
$147.20 McMaster Order 4 (more carriage components, gears for step motor, and microscope cover)
$19.07 Local hardware run for nuts and bolts (literally)
$114.78 McMaster Order 5 (final carriage components)
$9.21 Hardware store run for nuts, bolts and light
$40.07 Additional clamps from Hardware store

Travel Expenses:
$267.60 Round-trip plane ticket to Seattle
$35 Monterey Airbus to San Jose
$34 Seattle airbus to ferry terminal


You may notice that the amount is smaller than that posted on Petridish ($2000).  The amount I actually received was reduced due to Petridish fees and credit card fees.  Don't worry, it's still plenty to get this project underway!

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